Sunday, March 20, 2011

my fairy tales =_=

U know how
when U a little kid, 
do U believe in Fairy Tales?????
da fantasy  of what your life would be
::::::::white dress:::::::: sexy for muslimah...ooppppssss...

::::::::::prince charming:::::::::::::::::

handsome...wwoooowwww..but not my prince charming...

this is my him....

price charming: who will crry U 
away to a CASTLE on a HILL
U would lie in bed at night and 
close U'r eye and had cmplete..
they were so close...
U could taste them BUT
eventually U GROW UP..
one day U open U'r eyes and the fairy tales DISSAPPEARS
most people turn to thing and people they can trust....
BUT the thing is,
it's HARD to let go of that fairy tale entirely 
cause almost evry1 has da smallest bit 
of  ~HOPE~
of  ~FAITH~
that one day they will open their eyes 
and it will COME TRUE...

i hope only U will be my prince..
even i not da kid anymore i still believe
i'll waiting for u my prince...
n i hope everything will settle and be fine..

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